Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Few Additional Photos...

Meghann and Jake. Too funny! They look like they belong together.
I don't know why she felt the need to bring a shovel into the picture, but she did. This is Molly. Doesn't she look great as a blond?
I just get a kick out of Mom and Dad's matching van club jackets! Not to mention Mom's hamburger pants?
Josie and Molly.
Again- Dad spent $0.00 on his outfit.

White Trash Party!!! March 15, 2008...A Night to Remember

The Happy Family! Ma and Pa sur no how to rase good youngins.
The best we've looked in a long time!
New baby, one on the way, and no daddy.
Taylor and Mindi. Miley looks so cute. Very appropriate attire for March weather. A onsie and socks. Right on.
Our good buddy Bob. Sadly, he didn't spend a dollar on this outfit. He had it all at home! He said this was his "good stuff." The bad stuff is at the cabin in Wisconsin. I don't want to know.
Jake had some of the shortest shorts I have seen in a LONG time! But he does have the nicest legs of the group.Just like old times.
Another great picture showing off his outfit.
No comment.
Jamie and Nate sommer
The newly engaged couple- Zach and Josie!!
When he was given this shirt- he thought he would never have a place to wear it. Low and behold-- There was such an occasion!
High school girl friends. Meghann, Molly, Josie and I.
Josie came back from the bathroom and had the front of her awesome jean dress tucked into the front of her fanny pack. She had no idea, and was so willing to pose for a picture!
The country trash mom... Mindi.
Sister Casey stopped by after her shift. She was WAY underdressed.

Oh Nate. No words for this. You did it to yourself, and it's great.

This is a co-worker of Taylor Pagel, Greg and his wife.

Jamie Sommer. As always- best hair of the night! No one can look as trashy, and yet, so good- all at the same time.

My pregnant husband.

Happy Birthday Don!

I want to wish Don Bakken a very Happy 74th Birthday!! Thinking of you today, and wishing you a wonderful day. Love- Ben and Bekki

Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh just you wait...

This past weekend we had a White Trash Party-just for the fun of it. I will get those pictures up this week. They are AWESOME! I have not laughed so hard in weeks.

Huh. I'm not good at this.

I am annoyed. I can't get the next post to straighten out. Whatever.
Here is Miley's baptism on Feb. 10 at Spring Garden. She slept through the whole service, and looked so cute in her dress.

My little man is growing.

Ben's cousins Jamie and Christine. Jamie is a hair dresser and recently cut ALL of Christine's hair off. Very trendy, but only she can pull if off. Love it!

A random evening at Ringo's. Molly brought a few of her college friends with. They were a blast! And really good at beanbags.

My good friend Josie and her boyfriend Zach. A fun couple!

Garage Party

I was so rediculously excited when I passed my boards that I had to throw a party to celebrate! Here's mom and our Godchild Miley Pagel.

Here's cousin Justin with Noah. So glad he came.

We have the BEST friends and family. I just wanted them to come over and have supper with me, I wasn't expecting gifts! But they were beautiful and make our house smell sooo nice!

Dad getting a little "boy" time with Reeder. He was loving the strawberry angel food cake dessert.

A lifetime friend- Molly.
Here is an old picture from "Family Fun Night II." This was in January. I know, it's been a while. Jeff stopped by to have supper while he was on duty. "Serve and protect" my foot.
This was taken the day I took my nursing boards. Katie took me to Rochester that morning, and we went shopping afterwards. Noah tagged along.
Alumni weekend. Molly and Ben at Mill Street.
Michelle and Jamie Stay.

Ben's buddy Jason and his wife Kristy.