Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Retirement and Halloween

Sunday November 1 was a big day for Ben's parents. His dad Don, retired after 28 years of service at Our Saviours Lutheran church in Cannon Falls. Avonne also retired as the church secretary. It was a very special day for the both of them. After the morning service, there was lunch and a special program at 2:00. Don and Avonne sat up front and for an hour, we sang and told stories. People stood up and told them how their ministry impacted their lives. They are wonderful people, and the church was blessed to have them serve for 28 years. Happy retirement!!!!
Happy Halloween!! Our dragon was pretty tired. He slept through most of the trick-or-treating.

A visit to Grandma Lindell's house. Noah was a frog, and Griff was a dragon. They were soooooooo stinkin' cute!

Playing with Dad.

Bekki's Burthday and more

Sunday Oct. 25, we went to Mom and Dad's for supper to celebrate my 25th Birthday. It was fun and low-key. Here are a couple of pictures of Griffy. He looked so old-fashioned in his pajamas and mom's old blanket.

Rolling outside.

Sitting up in his high chair.

Hello, I'm 5 months old today! Just looking as cute as ever.

Visit at Grandma Lindell's Oct. 24

By the end of the visit, Griffy was wiped out. He fell asleep with his thumb in his mouth, just as I was holding him. Precious.
Griffin and Mandy talking away! He thought she was pretty fun!

Sissys! It was just soooo much fun to see Kelly and her kiddos. You too Mrs. Michelle!

Little Anna is getting so big. She is just adorable!! Who knew Justin could make someone so cute??

Rolling to his tummy, big boy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dad's Birthday Oct. 13, 2009

Mom and Griffin

This was taken when we were celebrating Katie's birthday at Mom and Dad's house at the beginning of October. Griffy thinks Grandma Val is very funny!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

4 months old today!! Sept. 28, 2009

Griffin is 4 months old today. He was soooo happy this morning after sleeping for 9 hours straight!!! Awesome! He usually sleeps for 5-6 hours, then 3 hours, so last night was a treat!

Playing in his Jump-a-roo!

Camping September 26

Camping makes a little boy very tired.
Telling stories by the fire.

Katherine was throwing up all day Saturday. She did not feel good and it showed. Poor girl.

Michelle and Katherine. She only wanted Mom that day. No one else would do.

Camping and More

Jamie and Michelle Stay invited us for the weekend to their camper in Winona, so this past weekend, we went!! It was very relaxing, especially for Griffin. He was getting tired, so Ben set him behind me because he needed to do something. The little guy found his thumb and put himself to sleep, right there. Funny boy.
Don't worry Mom, he wasn't there for long. And I made sure he could breathe.

Smiling at Dad.

My guys.

Ben blowing bubbles with his gum for the kids. They loved it.
Katherine, William and Ryan.

Griff figured out how to hold onto a raddle and get it to his mouth! He figured it out this weekend and he just loves it.

Oops, it fell on my face. How do I get this off of here?

Early September

Hanging around the house.
Noah and Griff playing on the floor. Noah's goofy smile.

Smiley boy!

Sept. 4, me, Ben, Katie, Jeff, Mom, Dad, Justin, Mandy, Brendon and Shelly went to see Jim Gaffigan (spelling??) at Treasure Island. We went to a Mexican Restaurant before the show and the boys were REALLY feeling festive and ordered strawberry margaritas! They were really tasty and really girly. And the show was very fun.

Cute Sunday outfit.

Griffin Talking to Ben

Making Salsa

So Katie and I decided we need to start canning. Good idea. I learned to wear a glove when chopping jalepeno peppers. My hand burned for hours, so this is me soaking my hand in cold milk. Surprisingly, it really helped... until I took it out.
Here is picture of our 17 jars of salsa!! We were so very proud of ourselves that it acutally turned out! All those years of watching Mom can tomatoes paid off!

P.S. No, we did not plan to wear to same outfit, it just happens. All the time.

Katie brought down the Jump-a-roo for Griff to try. He loved it!!!!! But Noah thought he should give it a whirl again too. He was just a little too big for it. It was so funny.

Griff in his Jump-a-roo. So much fun!!