Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ben and I are excited to announce that Griffin got his second tooth this week!!!! He's getting to be a big boy.

Bad Mom Moment...

I'm sure I'm not the only person to have done this.

The end of January is the Cannon Falls Alumni Tournament where many of the CF graduates come back and play in a basketball and volleyball tournament. Being a good wife, I brought Griffy to the high school to watch Ben play that Saturday afternoon. Now, my car has a fancy automatic door-locking system. If I hit the lock button ONCE, the doors will lock within 10 seconds of the doors closing. If I hit the button TWICE, it locks all the doors immediately. So, I turned off my car, grabbed my keys, purse and diaper bag, opened my door, hit the lock button ONCE, and crawled in the back seat to take him out of his car seat. He's sleeping of course. As I'm unbuckling Griff, my phone rings.

Now, hindsight- I should have just let it ring. But it's Katie and what if it's something important, and Griff was sleeping anyway so it's not like he was waiting for me. Right? So I answer it and think to myself, "I'll just step outside to talk so Griff can keep sleeping." I step outside and quietly close the door. Talk, talk, talk, lock.


A frantic and cold 20 minutes later, Mr. Towtruck/locksmith/lifesaver unlocked my car and I scooped up my still sleeping boy and we went to finish watching Ben's basketball game.

So Cute

I was watching Noah at our house yesterday for a little while when Katie was getting a well-deserved massage. We were looking at a picture book and I was pointing to each picture so Noah could tell me what each thing was. There was a little blonde boy crying on one page, and he said, "Logan!" It struck me by surprise- first that he knew who Logan was (probably from the Christmas picture? or blog?), and that he associated a crying boy with Logan. I don't think he's seen Logan cry lately, but I do have to give Noah a little credit, the boy really did resemble Logan. Funny kid.