Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to our big boy Griffin Benjamin!

Having breakfast, and I'm reminiscing about this day one year ago. I had no idea how this little baby could bring so much joy to Ben and I. You are a blessing Griffy and we love you dearly!

Grandma Grove and Olive

Isaac Hedeen and Griff playing before the party started.

Family picture. We love you Griffin!

Our good friends- the Hedeens; Ria and Rob with Eli and Isaac

Great picture!

Little Ruby Rae

Kissing cousins- Griffin and Simon Grove

Left to Right: Gavin Sommer, his dad Nate, Louie Grove holding Griffin and Simon (Louie's son) and Grandma Grove.

Katie and Ruby Rae- don't' you LOVE her hair?? Unbelievable. She has a mohawk no matter how hard they try.

I love this one: Ben, Don and brother Chris. Looks like Don is giving them a lesson.

Katherine Anna Bakken- the littlest Bakken with 5 older brothers.

Grandpa and Grandma Haggstrom. So glad they could be there.

Oh boy- should I be having this?

Yeah, this is awesome.


Miley and Mindi!

Opening presents.

Jeff and Ruby Rae

We are geeks.
There was a double rainbow over Wanamingo last week, so I took a picture of it. Even worse, Ben shot a home video of it. It really was pretty, but a picture and video? Really?

Big Boy Haircut May 27th

The "before" mullet.
The day before Griffin turned 1, we walked to downtown Wanamingo to get his first haircut. I was so excited, but a little sad. My baby is a big boy now.

Shaggy "before"

And After! Thanks Jamie!
Griffin even got an official "first haircut certificate" congratulating him on graduating from babyhood.

I'm awesome!

That same evening, Ben, Griff and I went to Cannon Falls to grill at the Pagel's house; Taylor, Mindi, Miley and Cooper. Griff was playing in the back yard, tripped in the dirt, and scraped his nose and lip. Ben and I felt so bad for him because I think it really hurt! He had a mouthful of dirt. Gross. So I ran in the house to get a wet rag, and when I came out, Griff had a bloody nose! Isn't that such a boy, to have a scrape on the end of your nose for your first birthday, and a bloody nose to go with it.

Wisconsin Weekend, May 20-23

The three of us went to Waukesha Wisconsin to visit some of Ben's family. His Aunt Betty, Uncle John and their children. It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive and Griffin was awesome! I was so nervous the weeks leading up to the trip because of the long drive, but the little bugger surprised me and was a perfect angel!
Above is a picture of Griff and Brady (3) riding in the Burley with John. John is a an avid bicycler, so he has this cart that hooks on the back of his bike- and they loved it! While John rode his bike to the park, Ben and I rode their SCOOTERS!! Way fun!

Riding horse in the back yard.

Having dinner at one of their favorite restaurants.

Cousin Katie and I took the boys to the Milwaukee Zoo that Saturday. The weather was perfect and the boys were so well behaved. Katie has a season pass to the zoo, so Brady knew just where to take us! It was a fun afternoon with Griffy, and he loved looking at all the animals.
While us girls were at the zoo, Ben went golfing with his cousin Julie, and Katie's husband Chuck. They had a fun time together, but were very tired when they got home.
That evening, the Twin's were playing the Milwaukee Brewers, so we grilled at Katie and Chuck's house. It was a really LOUD game since we had fans cheering for both teams!

Auntie Betty and Griffy on the porch Sunday morning before church. We had a fabulous weekend, and can't wait to go back again.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

More to come...

I have many more pictures to post, birthday party etc. Don't have time at the moment to keep blogging, but I will soon! Have a great weeked family!

Favorite hobby- pushing things!

Funny boy. Why the red, blotchy face? Read on.
I'm pretty awesome, look Mom!

Do you think I could push this up the stairs?

Another favorite hobby- emptying Mommy's purse! There's a lot of stuff in here, and he takes every last thing out!

Bug bites? Chiggers? Chicken pox? Hives? Yes, hives.

Griffy came home from daycare with these "bites" on this body. But none of the other daycare kids had them...
Hmmm... he was on his Amoxicillin, but on the 9th day of a 10 day course. It couldn't be a reaction? Right?



Crap, I think it's hives.

Maybe Amoxicillin isn't our drug of choice anymore...

Holy scary.

Our hearts just ached for him. He was absolutely miserable that weekend, and I couldn't really do anything for him.

Hard to beleive, but this wasn't the worst of it! He got even worse that night, but quickly resolved in the next two days. Hopefully never again.

Ben's 28th Birthday

On April 20th, Ben celebrated his 28th birthday! Griffy came down with an ear infection that day, so we spent the afternoon at the doctors office. But they prescribed Amoxicillin for him again, and he felt better after just one dose.
Grandpa Steve and Griff

Happy Birthday Daddy!