Friday, August 12, 2011

Family vacation up North 2011

"Good morning Grandma Val. Read me a book!"

July 15-23 we all made our way to the cabin for our family vacation. It was a wonderful, hectic, hot 9 days and we can't wait to do it again next year. Here a are a bunch of photos showing off all the fun we had.

The lovely Auntie Casey introduced Griffin to art of Play-Doh. They played for an hour and a half! He loved it.

Bathtime! There isn't a bathtub at the cabin, only a shower. So we had to get creative by filling a tub, and setting it in the shower. Ta-da: a bathtub.

Gus gets worn out watching everyone swim. Next year he'll be a more willing participant. What a good boy.

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The Jahnkes said...

what a fun family time. you all really do enjoy spending time together. I remember when Chesney was a baby and we went up to pt narrows with mom and greandma- I had to use a rubbermaid bin for her bath also- works like a charm.